The International Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (IIME) established in 1990 in Jaipur, is an autonomous and multidisciplinary research and educational organization. Research studies are a primary focus of the Institute’s activities. The emphasis is on action-oriented, collaborative and applied research on various chosen spheres; and on problem-solving. Its dedicated research studies, publications and social welfare projects over the last 24 years have been acknowledged and appreciated by well-known economists, planners, educationists, industrialists and journalists. Myriad book reviews have appeared in various national dailies and magazines. The creditability of its research findings has resulted in several government and private organizations inviting IIME to conduct studies. The Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, has accorded recognition to IIME as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, this being duly notified in the Gazette of Rajasthan and India.